Solar Tree

The Sun strikes the Earth with 174 quadrillion watts on a daily basis. A major influence in our design aesthetic was creating an energy producing solar tree where exploitation of nature through a respectful approach was implemented. Our tree affords Folly the green energy to utilize any of today’s Technology. Guests can even monitor energy consumption and solar production, whether it is controlling the secured entry, the lighting settings, solar powered skylights and setting the cooling and heating temperatures for maximum comfort. This interactivity, establishes a reference to what off grid living is like through automated creature comforts that ‘break the ice’ to an off-grid lifestyle without compromising the surrounding environment or guest expectations.

Our Southern California High Desert, not only creates stunning vistas for our enjoyment but 282 sunny days to power up all the creature comforts anyone could want. Our Solar Tree may not be the main topic of conversation when people experience Folly, but the enjoyment of their experiences are absolutely influenced by the ‘fruits’ of this remarkable tree.

hillary flurJoshua Tree, Solar