Sleeping with Silvon

The last thing you should think about before falling asleep each night should be the cleanliness of bed sheets. Even though sheets are cleaned and swapped out between our guests, sometimes that is not enough. The folks at Silvon make linens with silver that is naturally oligodynamic, which simply means prevention of bacteria growth. By fusing the sheet fibers with natural silver, these antimicrobial properties are permanently ingrained into the sheets. They do not include any harsh chemicals and focus on being eco-friendly. That is why Folly has decided to exclusively uses Silvon sheets. They share the passion to exclude harsh chemicals in their products and instead use pure silver that also promotes cleanliness.

All Natural – No Chemicals: Similar products use harsh chemical treatments to adhere silver particles to fabrics. Silvon uses the real thing – 99% pure natural silver.

Learn more about Silvon here and feel free to use the code Folly to receive a 20% discount.