Ratio Coffee at Folly


For the last 14 Centuries man has had a love hate relationship with Coffee, love of ‘moment creating’ coffee and a hate for bitter ‘granular’ coffee. Since the Ethiopians in the high desert were battling with their hyperactive goats nibbling on this mysterious shrub, so have we been wrangling for that elusive cup of coffee.

As enthusiasts we have all gravitated to the barista at our local coffee shop to help with the complex creation. The conundrum is trying to recreate our ‘dream beverage’ at home, most people struggle with convenience over quality. At Folly we have searched for a coffee machine that is not only aesthetically similar to our own but supports the experience we are creating. After a lot of (wired) testing we have placed a Ratio Eight Thermal Carafe. Enjoy our solution that married beauty, simplicity, and quality into a stimulating high-desert experience.

hillary flur