Meet the Designer

Hello Folly Family,

This is my first post in the Folly Journal, I thought I would let you know how thankful I am with all your feedback. The amazing coverage published and featured write-ups by my favorite Architectural and Design media, I thought I would share with the Folly Family some thoughts behind your experience at our cabin. I have had this concept of taking something old, neglected or forgotten and help revitalize a beautiful space with renewed energy and thoughtful design. In my college days, working on my thesis, I became aware of beautiful spaces and buildings being unappreciated or underutilized. The re-use of space became a creative need for me, in our copy and paste, throwaway culture valuable spaces were being marginalized and neglected. As a designer I felt the compulsion to help these spaces be ‘remembered’ and enjoyed by many.

When I came across the homestead near this alien-like national park, I was incredibly excited to take a dilapidated structure and explore the possibilities utilizing technology and materials which honor it’s surroundings. Not only did I want to design a Folly, I wanted to create moments for our guests to experience, whether it is leveraging the amenities afforded by the integrated technology or respectfully exploiting the interactivity with the stunning surroundings.

I love when you share your moments on our social platforms.


Folly Designer

hillary flur