Music in the Desert

The nature of music is mysterious and so much so that it generates strong emotions within us. It moves along passages that reach the most intimate areas of our psyche without being tried by prejudices or influences of any kind. - Andrea Bocelli

One of our greatest delights is experiencing the diverse creators drawn to Folly, writers, photographers, designers and musicians. This summer we had Post Precious, an independent pop/synth duo film their latest song ‘Timebomb’ at Folly. We also had Hip Hop artist, Alia Zin film her latest track ‘Parties’ at Folly. It was interesting to see how each artist used the visual moments around Folly, to capture dramatically different feelings and tonality with each video. Alia’s video is sensual and soft; while Post Precious tone is dramatic and bold. Take a few moments to enjoy them both!

hillary flur