What is Folly Labs:

We want to provide a space where people can work in a unique setting and provide them with amenities to help increase their productivity and creative flow.

Given industry shifts, flexible work space and shared amenity spaces are projected to encompass approximately 30% of the office market by 2030. Companies such WeWork are growing over 100% year over year by offering unique shared office spaces.


Phase 1: The Plan

Two 10 X 10 office / sleep pods

One 20 X 10 bathroom / kitchen area

One 10 X 10 office / meeting pod

We will be using reused shipping containers to keep cost low.

Cost: $75k

This would be the 1st phase of construction since it would act as accommodations for site visits and meetings while building out the Mojave property.

Since Folly is usually booked, and we cannot afford to stay there we would have a cost of accommodations during construction

Accommodation cost breakdown:

10 nights / month

$200 / night

1 year of construction = $24,000 for accommodations


Phase 2: Revenue Opportunity

Potential Income

Can be an add-on for Folly Mojave:

Add a private desk during your stay for $100.

15 guests / month add on a desk: $1500 / month = $18,000 / year


Can be rent-able living space: $200 / night

15 guests / month rent out the space = $3,000 / month = $36,000 / year


Retreats for entire office (up to 20): For 20 desk spaces = $10,000

1 retreat / month = $10,000 = $120,000 / year

Total Rev Opportunity (50% occupancy): $174k / year


Phase 3: Membership Approach

Once Folly Labs is proven to be a successful concept, we can create a membership platform where people can join for X amount per month, have access to all Folly Labs locations, and receive discounts on nightly rates at the retreat hubs.

What’s Included: